Current Research

Tests of the Necessity of Coach Support for Low-Income Couples

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Since summer 2018, we have enrolled over 500 couples into a randomized controlled trial of the OurRelationship and ePREP programs for low-income couples (whose household income falls within 200% of the federal poverty line). Our Phase 2 trial aims to examine the role of coach support in couples’ motivation to complete online couple interventions and in their effectiveness. In this project, approximately one fifth of couples are initially randomized to one of five conditions: 1) the OurRelationship program with ongoing coach support; 2) the OurRelationship program with only initial coach support; 3) the ePREP program with ongoing coach support; 4) the ePREP program with only initial coach support; or 5) a 6-month waitlist control group. In a limited SMART design, if couples without ongoing coach support experience difficulty completing the online materials, they are re-randomized to either receive a coach or continue without coach support.  We expect to continue enrolling couples into this study until summer, 2020.  This study is funded by a federal grant from the Administration of Children and Families.