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Web-based programs for couples wanting to strengthen or improve their relationships.

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Our Mission

Our lab seeks to increase the impact (effectiveness X reach) of relationship interventions for couples wanting to improve their distressed relationship or strengthen an already strong relationship.  

Since 2009, we have been federally funded to provide effective online programs to couples nationwide – with a special focus on low-income couples, military/veteran couples, minority couples, and other underserved couples who do not have access to couple therapy.

We developed the OurRelationship program – an 8-hour online program adapted from Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy – and have found it to be effective in four randomized trials. Couples and individuals wanting to complete the OurRelationship program can find more information on the OurRelationship website.

Developing effective programs couples will actually use.

Facts and Figures


Over 5,000 couples served!


Our programs have medium-large effect sizes (d = 0.69) on relationship satisfaction


Supported by over $14.1 million in federal funding